1. Please introduce yourself :)

My name is Reese Blutstein, I am 19 years old and I am a full time college student. I live in Atlanta Georgia and have lived here my whole life. I started an Instagram account about a year and a half ago where I have posted a picture of my outfit just about everyday. It's a fun way to express my personal style while inspiring others. I also have a twin sister who sometimes makes an appearance on my Instagram.

2. What are some of your favorite spots in ATL?

 A few of my favorite spots in Atlanta are general muir ( which is the cutest place), star provisions, highland row antiques, (they have amazing vintage clothes) taqueria del sol, The high museum, java jive, Antico pizza, sushi avenue, JCT kitchen, and goodwill. Mostly food places because I love food!

3. What is your most loved piece of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe?

My most loved piece of clothing in my wardrobe would have to be my jeans. I know thats the most cliché answer but it’s true you can dress up or dress down jeans. I feel most comfortable in a pair of pants over any dress or skirt. I think investing money in jeans is the smartest thing to do because you can never go wrong with a perfectly fit pair. 

Reese in the Milo Dress

4. How do you think social media has changed the fashion industry?

This is an interesting question because I think it gives the fashion industry even more exposure. ( if thats even possible) I think social media opens everyday normal people to the fashion industry. We have fashion bloggers who tag brands and blog about brands that are cheaper versions of the real deal. This gives people who don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on one piece a chance to be stylish too. No one needs millions of dollars to be stylish you just need creativity. We also no longer have to wait for a magazine to come out to know whats on trend this week and where we can get it. If we sign into Instagram or any social media outlet we will be inspired daily by new brands we had never heard of and new ways to style pieces we never knew what to do with. I think social media has changed the fashion industry into a more achievable goal for everyone, and not just for wealthy people. 

5. At Spire The Label we are all about creating elevated basics so that the customer can use their creativity to style the pieces in endless ways. What is your favorite styling tip/trick? 

I am all about buying a piece of clothing and being able to see 5 different ways I can style it. I am a college student so I obviously don’t have copious amounts of money and being able to make one piece look like 5 different pieces really comes in handy. One way I usually re-style a piece is by throwing a sweater of shirt over or under it depending on the piece. I also love to take a piece and re-purpose it in a way it isn't “supposed” to be worn. Ex. taking an oversized button down and wearing it backwards as a high neck dress or wearing it as an off the shoulder shirt. One time I even took a bra strap from the bras with removable straps and wore it as a choker and no one new it was a bra strap.( that might be taking it too far for some people haha)  My overall favorite styling tips is what I said before; always be able to see a few outfits you can create out of a single piece you buy it helps you save your money and also forces you to be more creative. 


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