1 Introduce yourself (Name, what you do for a living, where you’re located, any other fun fact about yourself)

I’m Claire Leana Millar, a blogger and brand consultant located in Alphabet City NY, NY. 

I grew up in the woods, near the ocean in New England, so every chance I get I find myself heading back to get my fix of nature.   

2 Favorite travel destination (been to or itching to go to)

Morocco is top on my wanderlust list! I’m so inspired by Moroccan culture. As far as favorite places ever, Dominican Republic the home land.

3 Where do you go / what do you do for inspiration? (I.e. Pinterest, or favorite rooftop hang out spot, coffee shop?)

 Every creative in NYC has to find ways to disconnect and inspire themselves in the midst of hectic city life. For me, I have a few coffee shops I frequent, (favorite being 9th Street Espresso on Ave C & 9th in the East Village.)  What really inspires me though is the ocean. I believe it’s natural rhythm can recalibrate us in a way nothing else can. Sailing, swimming, even walks here in NY by the East River are really helpful for me to get re-inspired. But the Shows themselves during Fashion Week always provide me with a new energy to keep creating. Having started as a model super young, and now watching them first hand, I feel like I almost live the moments the collections are hitting the runways noticing every detail, kinda like I did when I was walking the shows, but with a new appreciation for the business side I gained though what I do now. 

Claire in the Milo Dress

4 We are trolling Instagram on a slow day at work..what is one account we should follow? 

  Super into @lifeofboheme

5 At Spire The Label we are all about creating elevated basics so that the customer can use their creativity to style the pieces in endless ways. What is your favorite styling tip? (ex. always throw on a leather jacket, sunnies make an outfit, hats…etc)

Some of my favorite outfits have been the ones I put together last second and did not overthink. A good tip then would be to take it easy when it comes to getting dressed, and not psych yourself out

 I’m also a really firm believer in having a well edited closet. Fewer pieces, that fit well, and all flow with a woman's general vision. Just pieces that you really love, that are comfortable, and you know look good on you.

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